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Archive of select sold sculptures

Found a new Toy

Found a new Toy, 2022 Porcelain, stains, glazes 8"h x 8"w x 18"d Private Collector


'nalo, 2021 Porcelain, stains, glazes 9.5"h x 9"w x 8"d Private Collector

History Repeats

History Repeats, 2023 Porcelain, stains, glazes 4.5"h x 13.5"w x 12"d Private Collector

the coffee cup

The Coffee Cup, 2023 Porcelain, glazes, stains, wood, brass rods 9"h x 4"w x 10"d Private Collector


Covidiot, 2021 Porcelain, stains, glazes, 3-D printed resin 15"h x 9"w x 12"d State Foundation on Culture and the Arts


Disabled, 2017 Porcelain, stains, glazes 12.5"h x 6"w x 11.5"d Honolulu Museum of Art

Queen Baby's Tantrum-front

Queen Baby's Tantrum, 2017 Porcelain, stains, glazes, gold luster 9.5" h x 10"w x 10"d State Foundation on Culture and the Arts


Let Sleeping Wasps Lie, 2012 Porcelain, stains, glazes, wire 2.5" h x 9" w x 4"d Private Collection

A Pony Tale

A Pony Tale, 2009 Clay, glazes, stains, hair 20" h x 9.5" w x 9.5" d Private Collection

Building Walls

Building Walls, 2009 Clay, glazes, stains 22"h x 24"w x 22.5"d International Ceramics Studio, Hungary

Blind Sheep's Bluff

Blind Sheep's Bluff, 2015 Porcelain, stains, glazes, paint 34"h x 9"w x 10"d Private Collection

The Problem with Poppies

The Problem with Poppies, 2019 Porcelain, stains, glazes, wood, brass 32"h x 10"w x 7"d Private Collection

Crawl before you Fly

Crawl before you Fly, 2013 Porcelain, stains, glazes 6.5"h x 4.5"w x 9.5"d Private Collection

Riding into Battle-front

Riding into Battle, 2009 Clay, glazes, stains, leather 11"h x 16.5"w x 8"d Private Collection

Catch the Chop

Catch the Chop, 2017 Porcelain, stains, glazes, plastic rod 16"h x 7"w x 6"d Private Collection


Blue Moon Bunny Boy, 2019 Porcelain, stains, glazes 9.5"h x 8" w x 5.5"d Private Collection


Bad Bee Boy, 2014 Porcelain, glazes, stains, cast glass 10"h x 4"w x 7"d Private Collection

Venus of Complacency

Venus of Complacency, 2015 Porcelain, stains, glazes, graphite 5"h x 16"w x 14"d Private Collection


Golden Ticket, 2017 Porcelain, stains, glazes, gold luster, wood base 24"h x 13"w x 8"d Private Collection


Speed Racer, 2020 Porcelain, stains, glazes, brass 10"h x 3.5"w x 5.5"d Private Collection


If you Play with Fire, you're gonna get Burned, 2012 Porcelain, stains, glazes, wire 6" h x 3.5" w x 4" d Private Collection

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