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Flower of Life 1

Flower of Life Teapot, 2021 Clay, glazes, stains 6.5"h x 9"w x 6"d $2000.

Flesh Teapot-side

Flesh Teapot, 2018 Porcelain, stains, glazes 8"h x 6"w x 8"d $1000.

A Shocking Experience

A Shocking Experience, 2014 Clay, glazes,, stains 8.5"h x 11" w x 5"d $900.


Baby Nation's Wet Dream, 2010 Clay, stains, glazes 5.5" h x 7" w x 10" d $900.


Ballerina Bunny, 2013 Porcelain, stains, glazes 8.5"h x 8"w x 6"d $900.


Birth of a Nation, 2010 Clay, glazes, stains 8" h x 8" w x 11" d $900.

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